chomaiyo asked: RENCIE hnd mo kilala si Alex Watson?????!?!?!??! SAYANG HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT NUN EH :)))

Di eh. Sinearch ko sa google. Kailangan ko ng fandom para i-fangirl siya! :))

3 years ago on 12/27/10 at 03:34am

Okay, fine. I’m too good at spamming to switch to Tumblr. Never mind.

3 years ago on 12/19/10 at 09:29pm

Ah, spamming. This is for Twitter!

3 years ago on 12/19/10 at 09:27pm

Oh and so British. Pff.

3 years ago on 12/19/10 at 09:27pm

Movie galore?

Anyway, reposting..

So I finally listened to my instincts and downloaded the Never Let Me Go movie despite of the book being boring and all. (It’s because it was written like a person reminiscing, with her memories taken straight from her mind.)

The movie is so different from the book. In the movie, things are compiled and brought out in the open for the audience. I don’t remember reading about that boy who had his hands and feet cut off etc. yet. (But then again, I don’t think I have reached half of the book yet.) Also, in the book, everything sounded so.. innocent, yet mysterious in a slightly creepy way. In the movie, everything sounded so.. wrong. Wrong in the sense that there really is something wrong in Hailsham. And creepy, yes.

I’m not saying anything definite yet because I haven’t even finished watching the movie.

Damn, the lack of structure is saddening, really.

3 years ago on 12/19/10 at 09:25pm